7 Chakras 2.0 - white howlite/rudraksha (7")

7 Chakras 2.0 - white howlite/rudraksha (7")

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There are 7 main energy centers in the body, known as Chakras.  Each Chakra is located throughout our body so that it correlates to a specific body ailment and physical dysfunctions; each energy center also houses our mental and emotional strengths.  Wearing the 7 chakras creates alignment in the body which helps to clear the energy and balance our emotional state of mind.

This piece features the 7 chakras with pretty 8mm white howlite, with rhinestone accents throughout the chakra gemstones.  It has a Indonesian rudraksha seed accent bead which can be used for essential oil diffusing.  This piece is 7" in size, fitting up to a 7" wrist.

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